Mouse info center:

Mouse info center:
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Greetings internet traveler, welcome to my branch in the magic glen.
Behold the tiny shop, hence my tiny quick help desk!

This is my artist run Pop Up shop.
I keep a few items in it year round and do Pop Ups for Pre-orders!
Sign up with my news letter for pre-order notifications.
link is in the MTG/Print section.

If you're looking for MTG Tokens:
They are sold by the OMA store, link at the bottom.
They also have a print of the Twilight Sparkle card in various sizes.
Also, they ship internationally! So if you want some of my art on cards or a print of Twilight That is a great way to go.

You can also buy a print of the Water Nymph from the F(r)iction store, link at bottom too (those are sold by the two companies I approve of).

If you want signatures on the prints, you will need to buy directly from me.

I hope you have a beautiful day!
(For the Curious: the 2 cents price is listed cause it wouldnt let me list this other wise, my 2 cents...ha =)